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You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

Spontaneity, commitment, compassion, and connection are states of being that arise in me through meditation and contemplation. These attributes seek their expression in my art, in my charitable work, and in the active shaping of my relationships.
The method of contemplative photography has a magical quality. It makes the resonance that arises between me and my subjects tangible, regardless of whether I photograph still objects, humans, or landscapes.

My photographs have a political message, as they show the value of protecting the fragility of us humans and the Earth. They result in healing, as they encourage you to pause, to breathe, to feel, and to linger. They create connections where there were separations. And they subtly ask radical questions and give space for your answers.

Back in the olden days, there were patrons of the arts-people that for some incredible reason wanted to support artists in their creative endeavours. I truly believe that art is essential to society. It is a reflection of our true values and concerns as well as a map of our cultural experience. Global realities call for a new system of art patronage – one that deepens our experience of art collecting and acknowledges it as a journey rather than a destination. Art patronage is critical to our society which is why museums must continuously raise funds. Artists have to do the same, usually by selling their work. Art and artists cannot survive without the support of the community at large. In order to realize my dream of being able to work unencumbered, it is necessary to fund my ideas.

It is important for me to add that I love and appreciate all my supporters, etc, regardless of whether they can support me with a financial contribution or not. If you are tight on cash, please, please, please, do not become a Patron. You can keep on supporting me by buying some handcrafted goods in my shop, mailing or tweeting me, and spreading the good word. Your love is enough.

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Holger Bartels

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