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    Contact Name: Email: Subject: Message: This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Send Message Thank you #, message sent! For enquiries, feedback or anything else, please contact: Holger Bartels mail@bartels.photo Phone: +49 151 53588900 Erfurt, Germany
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    About Holger Bartels (Mahadev Singh Khalsa) is a humanitarian, global citizen and idealist. Since I am in the age of 16, photography and contemplative art are for me a way of life – including martial arts, yoga and meditation. Read more about my integral Yoga-Practice in the tantric tradition of Sikhism on www.mahadeva.info "The moment…
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    The Path On Contemplative Photography Spontaneity, commitment, compassion, and connection are states of being that arise in me through meditation and contemplation. These attributes seek their expression in my art, in my charitable work, and in the active shaping of my relationships. My method of contemplative photography has a magical quality. It preserves the resonance…
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