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  • Lunar-Eclipse 2018

    My Lunar-Eclipse 2018: clear, crisp sky, a party by astro-photographers with campfire and beer nearby, some super professionals with huge telescopes in the other corner of the hill. I enjoyed the view, the magic and the warm wind. Universe, you are so magic. On this image, there are all together: Moon, Mars,Saturn and Jupiter.  …

  • Underneath, there is a stream

    Underneath, there is a stream. Blackforest, Germany 2018

  • Where it goes… but not ends.

  • A flower does not talk. Blackforest, Germany 2018

  • The Window

    The Window, Erfurt, Germany 2018 Part of the ‘Messages in the NOW’ Series

  • Ending

    Ending, Erfurt, Germany 2018 Part of the ‘Messages in the NOW’ Series

  • Tram

    Tram, Erfurt, Germany 2018 Collecting pictures for the “Images from the NOW” Series about

  • Talking about a Revolution

    Talking about a Revolution, Germany, 2018 Image available on #Etsy. Right now I am working on a small project, presenting perspectives of this beautiful town Erfurt in 15 images. It is a pleasure to walk through this very normal and in the same time so versatile city of Erfurt and getting to know tiny corners,…

  • A friends wedding

    A friends wedding. Edenkoben, Germany 2018 Friends of mine asked me to ‘shoot’ at their wedding. It was a beautiful and very connecting moment. The most important thing was before the sessions to connect with silence and meditation. The quality of the experience was calm, clear and luminous. Give a personal message if you would…

  • The light shines in the darkness

    The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5 Predigerkirche, Erfurt, Germany 2018