About Contemplative Photography

The moment it clicks, we are becoming a little bit more real – in our shared memory.

Spontaneity, commitment, compassion, and connection are states of being that arise in me through meditation and contemplation. These attributes seek their expression in my art, in my charitable work, and in the active shaping of my relationships.

My method of contemplative photography has a magical quality. It makes the resonance that arises between me and my subjects tangible, regardless of whether I photograph still objects, humans, or landscapes.

My photographs have a political message, as they show the value of protecting the fragility of us humans and the Earth. They result in healing, as they encourage you to pause, to breathe, to feel, and to linger. They create connections where there were separations. And they subtly ask radical questions and give space for your answers.

Holger Bartels is an artist, healer and spiritual teacher. As a result of several ground-braking, transformative experiences in his life, he found his true calling and communion.

Today he is living partly in India and Germany. He travels all over the world with his camera, creating exhibitions, helping to develop places for positive change, and contributing with charitable work.

I have been following Holger’s photography for a little while now. I am a hobby photographer myself; I own high-quality equipment and have plenty of experience with the technical aspects of photography. What moves me the most about photography is the ability to recognise something unique in a motif and to be able to capture it. And that is exactly what fascinates me about Holger’s photos. In today’s age, where almost everyone is becoming a hobby- photographer and millions of pictures are being loaded onto Instagram and other social media, Holger manages somehow to stand out with his images; and that too without going to extremes. Holger has the ability to capture deep beauty in seemingly ordinary, day-to-day moments. His pictures are striking and yet humble. I guess this ability lies in the mindfulness with which he observes his surroundings. The magic that I see on Holger’s pictures is beyond words. But I hope it is possible to learn. I will certainly mark his next photography workshop on my calendar!

Pierre Hohmann

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